Epp is a Young and Aggressive packaging company that was founded to make our customer Happiness and convenience through providing one-stop solutions of flexible packaging.

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Evergreen Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd

Add: Fengshou Road, Zhaode Industrial Zone, Qingzhou city, Shandong Province, China

Tel/Fax: +86-536-3295568

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Evergreen packaging and printing (EPP) invests in the latest packaging engineering and technology, and integrates them into its comprehensive high efficient system of production equipment. The system includes 7+1 9+1, 7+5 high speed printing machine 3 sets, lamination machine three sets, lamination width upto 1600mm, bags making machine 7 sets, module cutting machine 2 sets. We installs and operates a Lab which equiped retort tester, compressor tester, burst tester, slip tester, enlongation and strength tester, forced convention oven to make sure all products will be guraded with high standard quality request in production.

With licenses to produce food purpose flexible packaging, all raw materials are bought from high standard factory which has strictly quality control. EPP pays extra attention to safety, products' sanitation, and Secrecy, with 24-hour guard, closed circuit television monitoring system, and auto alarm. We strengthen facilities in sanitary production and provide routine physical check-up for employees. Waste-films are 100% granulated to prevent from wrongful usages of margins and angles.

Evergreen Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd

Employees at EPP are an professionals group who are result-driven, technology-savvy, and service-oriented. Most of them had years of experiences in leading flexible packaging firms before joining EPP. They are proven to be a tremendous source for the company's rapid growth with their in-depth understanding of packaging applications and their endless creativity of suitable solutions for distinctive customer requirements.

Driven by our corporate philosophy of "quality is our life", we provide our customers the access to the latest technology and equipment, experienced packaging professionals, excellent quality, affordable pricing structure, and expert customer service. EPP has been a major supplier of packaging solutions for a host of multinational corporations and leading firms of various sectors, including China national fisheries Corp, Shandong salt selling Corp, Shanghai tiantong seafood group, shanghai PET nutrition Inc and others. In addition to China, our products have been serving the markets in USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Denmark, Philippines etc.

Whatever your packaging requirements are, EPP is ready to provide cost-effective customized solutions with superior quality and reliability.

Seed Bag
Seed BagDescription: seed bag is designed to pack all kinds of plant seeds. Materials and Structures: seed bag request very high oxygen, mositure resistance and request sunlight proof. Normally this kind of bag use PET/VMPET/PE structure, AL FOIL aslo use often in high class seed bag. Bag Types Available: three side sealed...
Glue Packaging Film/Bag
Glue Packaging Film/BagDescription: industry purpose glue packaging film, bag are designed to pack hot PU(polyurethane) glue, silicon sealant, Acrylic, the filling temperature normally are high, content has corrosivity. Materials and Structures: glue packaging film select PET, PA, AL FOIL, RCPP film laminated structure as normal structure. Bag Types...
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