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The Application of Edible Oil/Wine Bag-In-Bag

Description: bag-in-bag combined a pliable and tough inner bag with a sealed spout and a poucture-durable outer bag. It has the advantage such as convinence, economical, environmental friendly in packaging. Mainly used to pack edible oil, wine, juice, milk.

Materials and Structures: pliable and tough inner bag normally use multi-layer extruded films. Outer bag use nylon laminated film.

Bag Types Available: spout pouch.

Consumor Advantages of Edible Oil/Wine Bag-In-Bag

Due to inner use mulit layer co-extruded films, it has very excellent strength, tenacity, oxygen,vapor resistance,outer bag apply nylon material, can efficient bear the pucture from the foreign mateirals. The whole bag-in-bag has a good contain and quality guarantee ability.

For customer, the Bag-in-bag has low-cost, light weight, low transportation cost, environment friendly etc advantages. Put the sterilized food fill into the sealed Bag-in-bag, and hold the Bag-in-bag with paper or wood cartons, can use the transportation space efficiently.

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