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The Introduction of Washing Powder/Liquid Bag

Spout Pouch with Fitment (Side or Center) is gradually replacing traditional container instead of glass Jars and bottles. From Simple containers of detergent and water, to sophisticated products of Baby puree, beverages, and sauces are packed with spout bag. Hot fill, Aseptic, and retort processing of process are applicable.

The Application of Washing Powder/Liquid Bag

Description: washing powder/liquid bag is used to pack the washing products which has corrosivity.

Materials and Structures: PET/PE structure is most often used structure. PE is specially reformed LLDPE film, has good corrosivity resistance.

Bag Types Available: three side sealed bag, stand up pouch, side gusset bag, spout is available.

   Self standing pouches are highly versatile and suitable for a variety of applications.
Excellent for shelf display and presentation.
Space efficient - reduces cost of storage and transportation.
Can include a variety of special features such resealable zippers, spouts, easy-tear etc.
The Self Standing Pouch can be sheped at the top.
Available as RETORT POUCHES for ready-to-eat products.


Spout pouches have a tamper-proof and reclosable pour spout.
Excellent for liquid packaging.
Suitable for shaped pouch application, marketing and brand awareness.
Spout pouches can be self standing for great on-the-shelf appeal.
Variety of spout types and colours available.
Ideal for consumers on the go.


    A retort pouch is a type of food packaging created for asceptic processing and design to take over 121°C in a retort oven.
Made from 3 or 4 layers of laminate, sing either foil or non foil to allow for sterile packaging of a wide variety of food and drink.
Ideal for Ready-to-Eat packaging, sauces and wet pet foods.
Can include a variety of special features such resealable zippers, spouts, easy-tear etc.
Suitable for Self-standing and shaped pouches.
Excellent alternative to traditional canned packaging offering a host of benefites such as ease of use, lighter weight making it more cost effective for storage and transport.


Excellent visual point of purchase impact.
Together with striking design, and a high definition print, uniquely shaped pouches will help your product stand out.
Can be shaped for both function and design.
Can be self standing.
Can include hanging option.
Can include a variety of special features such resealable zippers, spouts, easy-tear etc.


Bladder seated inside a box.
Common uses: bulk supply of liquids or powder to the food services industry, wine for retail markets.


Consumor Advantages of Washing Powder/Liquid Bag

Washing powder liquid bag use reformed LLDPE film which has good corrosivity endurance ability. Glue and ink are also special selected to assure the strength and lamination firmness. Never leak after filling washing powder and liquid.

Washing powder liquid bag can fix spout according to customer's request, increase using convinence.

Washing powder liquid bag is flexible packaging, lower cost compare to extruded cans, strength is good enough, easy recycle, efficiently reduce budget and protect environment.

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