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The Application of Glue Packaging Film/Bag

Description: industry purpose glue packaging film, bag are designed to pack hot PU(polyurethane) glue, silicon sealant, Acrylic, the filling temperature normally are high, content has corrosivity.

Materials and Structures: glue packaging film select PET, PA, AL FOIL, RCPP film laminated structure as normal structure.

Bag Types Available: three side sealed bag, stand up pouch, side gusset bag, packaging film, two side heat sealed film roll. Spout can be fixed.

Consumor Advantages of Glue Packaging Film/Bag

Have very good strength and enlongation, metallized film or AL FOIL are used to effeiciently reduce the sunlight exposure.

Glue packaging film can fullfill the high temperature filling request, filling temperature can reach 135 degrees. Solved the filling issue of PU glue which must be melted into liquid in high temperature.

Can fix spout or made of "BAG IN BOX", convinent in using. Compare to the cost of thick plastic can or metal cans, glue packaging bag made in Evergreen has very strong advantage in cost.

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