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The Introduction of Retort Pouch

Retort Pouch produced by EPP is widely used for tuna, salmon, pet foods, military supplies (MRE) and other products. Some of the well-known brands that utilize EPP flexible retort packaging are "Can pro" "Nutrition", "am pro" from pet foods, "tongyu" from seafood, etc. Up to 12 colors can be printed on our Retort Pouches and the printing is based on Roto-Gravure Printing, which ensures highly sharp illustrative effects and contribute to increasing sales.

The Application of Retort Pouch

Description: Retort pouch mainly used for various seafood, meat, vegetables and soup, sauce high temperature sterilizing procession.

Materials and Structures: depend on different work situtation and budget request, we choose different materials and structure for retort pouch, such as PET/AL/PA/RCPP, PET/PA/RCPP, PA/RCPP, the final decision of material structure also need consider the weight and specification of content the retort pouch going to load.

Bag Types Available: three side sealed, side gusset pouches, stand up pouches etc.

    The 3 Side Seal pouch is also known as the Flat Pouch.
Sealed on 3 sides with one opening end.
Simple and inexpensive packaging.
Can include a variety of special features such resealable closures, laser tear notches, hanging options etc.
Allows for high impact graphic design and printing.


   Self standing pouches are highly versatile and suitable for a variety of applications.
Excellent for shelf display and presentation.
Space efficient - reduces cost of storage and transportation.
Can include a variety of special features such resealable zippers, spouts, easy-tear etc.
The Self Standing Pouch can be sheped at the top.
Available as RETORT POUCHES for ready-to-eat products.


Spout pouches have a tamper-proof and reclosable pour spout.
Excellent for liquid packaging.
Suitable for shaped pouch application, marketing and brand awareness.
Spout pouches can be self standing for great on-the-shelf appeal.
Variety of spout types and colours available.
Ideal for consumers on the go.

Consumor Advantages of Retort Pouch

Retort pouch has very excellent high temperature enduring ability, can be sorted as three grades depend on the exact temperature enduring of retort pouch: 121 degree, 125 degrees, 135 degrees.

Retort pouch has very excellent oxygen and mositure resistance, can guarantee the retort pouch be vacuumed and keep vacuumed for a long shelf life.

Retort pouch has very excellent anti-puncture ability, can hold different kind of content inside, including the meat with bones.

Retort pouch has very good smell keeping ability, can keep the good smell of content from spreading. Guarantee the content has its origin attractive smell we finally consumed after long shelf life.

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