Evergreen Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd.
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Epp is a Young and Aggressive packaging company that was founded to make our customer Happiness and convenience through providing one-stop solutions of flexible packaging.

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Evergreen Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd

Add: Fengshou Road, Zhaode Industrial Zone, Qingzhou city, Shandong Province, China

Tel/Fax: +86-536-3295568

E-mail: info@evergreen-packaging.com

What's App: +86-13964656008

Professional Packing Bag Manufacturer In China

Evergreen packaging and printing (EPP) invests in the latest packaging engineering and technology, and integrates them into its comprehensive high efficient system of production equipment. The system includes 7+1 9+1, 7+5 high speed printing machine 3 sets, lamination machine three sets, lamination width upto 1600mm, bags making machine 7 sets, module cutting machine 2 sets.

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Evergreen Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd
Main Products
Retrot Pouch
Retrot PouchRetort Pouch produced by EPP is widely used for tuna, salmon, pet foods, military supplies (MRE) and other products. Some of the...
Pet Food Bag
Pet Food BagDescription: pet food bags are used for pet food packaging. Materials and Structures: pet food packaging including a large family of packaging...
Washing Powder/Liquid Bag
Washing Powder/Liquid BagSpout Pouch with Fitment (Side or Center) is gradually replacing traditional container instead of glass Jars and bottles. From Simple...
Edible Oil/Wine Bag-In-Bag
Edible Oil/Wine Bag-In-BagDescription: bag-in-bag combined a pliable and tough inner bag with a sealed spout and a poucture-durable outer bag. It has the advantage...
Nuts Bag
Nuts BagDescription: nuts packing bags are designed to pack different Nuts shelled or un-shelled, these kind of packaging has a function request of...
Coffee Bag
Coffee BagDescription: coffee bags are used to pack coffee bean, powder products and so on which need to be stocked from sun light. Materials and...
Frozen Food Bag
Frozen Food BagDescription: frozen food bag is the packaging bag designed for load and keep different frozen, chilling seafood, meat and vegetable products...
Deli Food Bag
Deli Food BagDescription: deli food bag is specially designed to pack hot roasted, fried instant eatable food. The roasted chicken bag is very popular. Materials...
Seed Bag
Seed BagDescription: seed bag is designed to pack all kinds of plant seeds. Materials and Structures: seed bag request very high oxygen, mositure...
Glue Packaging Film/Bag
Glue Packaging Film/BagDescription: industry purpose glue packaging film, bag are designed to pack hot PU(polyurethane) glue, silicon sealant, Acrylic, the filling...